UCC Hawaii Official - Best quality 100% Kona Coffee from UCC Hawaii Kona Coffee Estate on the Big Island

UCC Hawaii Estate Tour (with staff guidance) - English Tour

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Learn How the Finest Kona Coffee is Grown Tour our beautiful 35-acre Kona Coffee Estate, just north of Holualoa Village, with breathtaking views of Kailua-Kona village and Kailua Bay. Our self-guided estate tour provides an excellent opportunity to learn more about how coffee is grown in Kona. Sample our Estate grown coffee and shop for unique and interesting gifts made on the islands. UCC Hawaii Coffee Estate staff will take you on a tour of the farm. <Reservations required > Self-guide Tour are Free and no reservations are required. Guests are free to visit the estate and walk around the farm during the estate's business hour.

  • 개최 요일


  • 소요시간


  • 성인 (13세 이하)

    USD 20.00


  • 포인트1

    Learn about growing coffee beans in the world-famous Kona coffee region

  • 포인트2

    Participants can explore the coffee fields, and depending on the season, see coffee flowers and coffee cherries.

  • 포인트3

    The views from the UCC store deck and from the coffee bean fields are spectacular.


  • 스케줄

  • 픽업 장소/ 현지 집합

    • 9:25


      Please be at the store located on the UCC Hawaii Coffee estate at least 5 minutes prior to your appointment time.

    • Guided farm tour with our farm staff

      Walk through fields of coffee trees and learn about the cultivation of coffee. Photographers and influencers will love the ocean view and the coffee plantation photo opportunities.

    • Stop by our store after your tour!

      Our retail store, located on the farm, sells fresh coffee beans harvested and roasted at the UCC Hawaii farm, as well as snacks, ice cream, original goods, and Kona coffee from nearby Kona coffee farms. Coffee tasting is also available. Restrooms are on site.

  • 현지 집합의 경우

    • 9:20

      UCC Hawaii

      75-5568 Mamalahoa Highway Holualoa, HI 96725

패키지 정보

  • 포함 내역

    • Guided farm tours by farm staff
    • Sample coffee
  • 불포함 내역

    • 픽업&드랍
  • 제한 사항

    • Tours require at least two people. Please understand that the tour may be cancelled if the number of participants is less than 2.
  • 그 외 정보

    • Children 12 years old and younger are welcome to accompany you free of charge. Sample coffee souvenirs and other items will be provided only to paying participants.
  • 최소 참가 인원수

    • 2
  • 취소료 규정


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    1일전 17:00이후


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  • 성인 (13세 이하)

    USD 20.00