UCC Hawaii Official - Best quality 100% Kona Coffee from UCC Hawaii Kona Coffee Estate on the Big Island

Craft your favorite coffee roast with UCC’s unique ROASTMASTER TOUR™ (Include Estate Tour) - English Tour

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Experience the art of coffee roasting as you craft your very own exclusive coffee on our Roastmaster Tour™. Our skilled roasting professional will be by your side, guiding you through the roasting process, ensuring a delightful and unique coffee to enjoy at home. You will also create your custom coffee label, making your signature coffee truly one of a kind. The bags of coffee you create will be cherished mementos from your Hawaii vacation or thoughtful gifts for your friends and family. Your tour includes ½ pound (two 4 oz. bags) of 100% pure Kona coffee with personalized labels. Your coffee can be whole bean or ground on site. Include Estate Tour with same staff guidance.

  • 개최 요일


  • 소요시간


  • 성인 (13세 이하)

    USD 50.00


  • 포인트1

    Create your own private-reserve Kona coffee

  • 포인트2

    Try your hand at custom coffee roasting

  • 포인트3

    Choose your original packaging with your own photo to make a perfect souvenir!


  • 스케줄

  • 픽업 장소/ 현지 집합

    • 9:25


      Please be at the store located on the UCC Hawaii Coffee estate at least 5 minutes prior to your appointment time

    • 9:30

      Photo shooting for original label

      During the tour, we will take photos of participants for the package. Your background can be coffee trees or the beautiful Kona ocean view

    • 9:35

      Roasting experience

      ・Roaster guide's instruction ・Pour raw beans into roaster ・Roast to preferred taste ・Empty beans into tray ・Cool down beans ・Pack roasted beans (whole bean or ground) into bags with your custom photo label

    • After the tour, you are free to explore the farm or shop for gifts in our shop

  • 현지 집합의 경우

    • 9:25

      UCC Hawaii

      75-5568 Mamalahoa Highway Holualoa, HI 96725

추가 옵션 - 픽업/드랍서비스

  • 추가 옵션

    • Additional Original Coffee - 1 bag

      2 bags are included in the price, so if you would like to add another bag, please select this. total 3 bags (4 oz x 3)

      성인 (13세 이하)USD 15.00

    • Additional Original Coffee - 2 bags

      2 bags are included in the price, so if you would like to add another two bags, please select this. total 4 bags (4 oz x 4)

      성인 (13세 이하)USD 25.00

패키지 정보

  • 포함 내역

    • Roasting experience
    • 100% pure Kona coffee green beans for roasting
    • Roaster guide's instruction
    • Your own roasted coffee in original packages with your photo (4 oz x 2 bags)
    • UCC Hawaii Coffee Estate Tour
  • 불포함 내역

    • 픽업&드랍
    • Hawaii State Tax (4.712%)
  • 제한 사항

    • Children under 12 years of age are also welcome to participate in non-dangerous activities. However, children are not allowed to participate in the tour alone. Parents/guardians are required to book a tour and accompany the child.
    • Children accompanying the tour are free of charge. They can observe the program nearby.
    • Tours require at least two people. Please understand that the tour may be cancelled if the number of participants is less than 2.
  • 그 외 정보

    • For groups, we can accommodate up to 8 people at a time for the roasting experience. If over 8, we will split into smaller groups and offer the roasting experience consecutively, but the limit is 16 people in two groups.
  • 최소 참가 인원수

    • 2
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    1일전 17:00이후


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  • 성인 (13세 이하)

    USD 50.00